Craig Oyler

Craig Oyler
Rapid City, SD

Pro Member Craig Oyler

I started guiding ice fishing when I was 11, several years before I could drive. If my parents knew the people, they would pick me up at the house and bring me home afterwards. If my parents didn’t know them, my dad would drive me to the lake. I mostly targeted rainbow trout at that time, and built all my own rods that I guided with.

I founded Hooked on Hardwater in 2014. The program pairs 60 underprivileged boys from the Rapid City Club For Boys with 60 pro ice fishermen and women from across the ice belt. Hooked on Hardwater also serves as a fundraiser for the Club For Boys outdoor activities program, and in the first 4 years it has raised over $100,000.

I love fishing for all species, but lake trout are my absolute favorite. Fighting fish with that much power is what keeps me awake at night.